10 Questions With Team TIBCO-SVB: Alizee Brien

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Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank rode by the TIBCO offices in Palo Alto for a visit. This group of elite athletes is a UCI professional women’s cycling team focused on finding and developing the next generation of Olympic contenders, with more than 480 lifetime team wins. We spent 10 minutes with each of the nine fabulous riders to learn about their favorite places to ride, how they use data in their training, and more. 


Next up is Alizee Brien, a Quebec native and mechanical engineering student, who prepares for races by enjoying the moment and chatting with others. Check out the video below, and stay tuned for spotlights on the rest of the Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank riders to find out how this team gives Fast Data a new meaning.

Find out more and keep up with Alizee Brien and Team TIBCO on Facebook and Twitter. Check out the interview with Lauren Stephens, the first in this series, here. Want to meet the team in person? Come to TIBCO NOW, where you’ll get to meet the riders and hop on a bike to see how data influences their training and success.