How Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team Scores Big on Fan Experience and Revenue

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In the National Hockey League and the sports industry in general, you have no control over your team’s performance.

“Team performance often drastically impacts fan interest and demand, so if the team goes on a winning streak or a losing streak, you have to be ready to make changes on the fly, to either sell more tickets or maximize revenue in other ways,” says Chris Kamke, senior director of business strategy and analysis for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The team’s goal was world-class guest service and game experience, so they really needed to know their customers—the demographics, behavior, and buying trends. Once they had the data and a full understanding of their fans, they had to get all their stakeholders to use the data to drive decision-making on game experience, ticket and sponsorship sales, and customer service.

“We’re striving for a sold out building every night; controlling inventory and maximizing revenue is key. We needed customizable reports, so the executive team could always know where we stood on those key performance indicators, and our sales reps could access the information they needed to give fans the best experience possible,” says Kamke.

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