Case Management: Processes but Hold the Process

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A portion of a business’ processes are contextual and need to be improvisational in nature. This percentage is growing as the digital business transformation progresses. Because of this, digital business processes are becoming more like improvisational jazz musicians compared to the highly controlled and precise orchestras of our standard business operations.

Traditional processes are automated for standardization, but not all processes can, or should, be standardized.

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Earlier this year I shared my process-oholic resolutions for 2016, and bringing process to the people was one of them. By this, I mean that I will spread the word about the power of process in a consumable and meaningful fashion. Part of fulfilling that resolution was introducing how to explain BPM in 5 words: process, people, context, Actions, and Outcomes.

One of the reasons that I am so fond of this simple definition of BPM—besides its consumability—is its ability to span all types of process, including those without any “process” actually involved like case management.

Case management is a seismic shift in the process world. The process is no longer the center of the world (the thing being managed); context is. Case management is about managing a business artifact or data (context) by people for the best possible business outcome with available actions.

Each situation or interaction is unique, and the path to the optimal outcome will be particular to the situation at hand. Hence, case management being the improv jazz star of the process world! In May of 2014, I was quite happy to announce TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM’s entry into the case management scene.

Now, TIBCO is very proud to announce ActiveMatrix BPM 4.0’s debut as a strong performer in a dynamic case management evaluation by Forrester, a leading independent research firm. This makes me feel like a proud mother. My baby is all grown up and managing digital business context!

Making the transition from an orchestra to a jazz group can be confusing, so can digital business transformation or the shift from traditional BPM to case management. To help you along this journey, download a complimentary copy of Forrester’s research, Choosing Between Specialist Solutions And Dynamic Case Management Platforms.