Air France-KLM Flies High with TIBCO Integration

Change is occurring everywhere—and is likely no more disruptive than in the airline industry, where sales agents and ticket offices have morphed into web and mobile apps, and new services notify passengers of updates all along their route.

“Air France and KLM merged about seven years ago. We had multiple reservation systems, legacy systems, commercial off-the-shelf systems, homemade systems. We needed an integration platform that would connect all these systems with their different technologies, different protocols, and different vendors so they would work together as one. We had to integrate all of them while we maintained service levels. We also had to do it fast and at low cost. Our systems have to work 24 by 7 and provide one seamless service to our passengers,” explains Technical Architect Alex de Hes. “What we really needed was a future-proof integration platform suitable for the needs we have today and those of the future.”

Failure to deliver new competitive services would mean falling behind, but the upside of integrating and retooling would mean not only a better customer experience but reduced costs and faster time to market.

Find out how Air France-KLM reached its goals and where it plans to go next.