TXODDS Bets on TIBCO for Best-of-Breed Streaming Data

TXODDS supplies real-time sports betting data to the betting industry. “Our clients are betting professionals, very big operators—could be governments—and sports bodies that want to monitor bets,” says CEO Einar Knobel. “There’s been an explosion in real-time data, led by in-running, or betting during the game. Our goals are to be an innovator and an enabler to companies by supplying the full scale of data.”Of key importance was the company’s next best-of-breed platform that would prepare it for the potentially fearsome world of betting, one akin to the intense competition in today’s financial markets. Its goal was to deliver data something like the finance industry, but its situation was more difficult because betting operates 24 by 7 globally. “The data is so huge that delivering it all is almost meaningless,” says Chief Architect Alex Kozlenkov. “Rather, you need to deliver data that is both timely and relevant.”

Learn how TXODDS used TIBCO StreamBase to meet its goal of real-time relevant data, and acquired capabilities leading to fast innovation as well as customer time savings and increased profitability.