Oil and Gas Company Develops Cost Efficiency, Optimized Production

A Pump jack pumping oil from an oil well in the plains with snow capped mountains in the background.
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An upstream oil and gas company, and a long time TIBCO Spotfire customer, was dealing with the current market’s problems.

“We have less people, more assets, more questions, and more scenarios. We need to work more efficiently,” explains the analytics team lead. “We’ve used TIBCO Spotfire® for the last eight years and have grown our internal user base from two to 200. Those 200 users build analyses for other people, so we probably have another four or five hundred people using it.

“We started using Spotfire for analyses that needed data at second or subsecond intervals. When you pull 10 years of data second by second, you have hundreds of millions of rows, too big for any conventional product. Spotfire could handle it, but our databases weren’t fast enough.

“We had people dumping data into Excel and trying to graph it, a huge waste of time as none of it was repeatable. We moved users to Spotfire, but they were still manually loading data. It was just not efficient. If we can’t answer a question fast enough, we can’t optimize production, decide on acquisitions, or ultimately move our business forward, which can cost millions of dollars a year.”

Learn how Spotfire, with Hadoop, allowed the company to handle billions of rows of data and bring some amazing results, beginning with the efficiency it needed to make more money in today’s market.