FrieslandCampina Milks Value from TIBCO Analytics

Every day FrieslandCampina provides millions of consumers all over the world with dairy products containing valuable nutrients. With annual revenue of 11.3 billion euro, it’s one of the world’s five largest dairy companies.

“We have tremendous amounts of data, but we were not really utilizing that data to its fullest extent,” says Dirk Van Der Heijden, IT business group director for the EMEA consumer products business group.

“We are actually a cooperative, so we are owned by around 20,000 farmers. And one of the key objectives that we have is to valorize their milk,” explains Gerwen Apenhorst, supply network planner. “In order to unlock the value in the data, we needed a tool that would enable us to aggregate it but also look from a top-down perspective.”

The main goal was to increase the frequency and quality of decision-making. And instead of just reporting on the current state, the company wanted more automated insights into why the current situation was the way it was. Visualizing the data would make it more actionable, so the company bought licenses to several analytics software packages and started experimenting.

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