Expand Your Horizons with a Mobile Transformation

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“Going Mobile” with Rachel Brennan

An advantage to being a digital business is that employees are not confined to operating within the four walls of an office building. Digital businesses take full advantage of the advancement in mobile technologies, extending access to corporate resources, such as business processes to employees, no matter where they are. While a variety of companies have adopted strategies to cater to a mobile workforce, other organizations have yet to embrace building business applications that are accessible on the go. Those who have made the move to mobile see dramatic results, achieving operational efficiency and delivering real-time results to customers.

Rachel Brennan, TIBCO’s director of product marketing for BPM and TIBCO business solutions, addressed all of this and more during a recent panel discussion for DM Radio, “Going Mobile: Purpose Built Apps That Streamline Business,” moderated by host Eric Kavanagh. Topics during the panel discussion ranged from BPM processes to customer case studies, examining the concept of “going mobile” in the digital age. Rachel took a deep dive into TIBCO’s transformation into a digital enterprise, highlighting ING Bank Turkey as a sample case study.

In the past, businesses focused on business processes and standardization. However, companies are now moving toward innovation and unpredictable, opportunistic processes. Rachel describes these as key to leveraging new business opportunities. Mobile business apps in particular are the lens through which customers view business processes of a vendor, streamlining interaction with the business and generating results. These apps in turn drive customer experience and engagement.

TIBCO’s customer, ING Bank Turkey, recently integrated mobility at the forefront of their banking system, utilizing a customer-facing mobile app in order to seamlessly integrate with their clients’ lives. When a customer enrolls in a new credit card, ING already knows everything the individual, preventing the need for repetitive questions. TIBCO has enabled ING Bank Turkey to deliver fast and easy results for their clientele. This has drastically changed how they interact with clients and what customers expect from ING as a company.

One of the key points Rachel examined was the idea of “innovation through experimentation.” Through consistent, iterative testing of products and services on mobile apps, companies are able to provide proven solutions to customers. Gaining quantifiable information allows businesses to leverage results to the best of their ability. While TIBCO may be evolving to remain ahead of the digital game, our goal remains the same: empower businesses and deliver results.

Listen to the entire panel discussion on DM Radio, here.