A Pathway to Providing Simple Solutions for Complex Events

The terminology of complex event processing (CEP) can be misleading. For those who are new to the concept, it may give the impression that the technology is complicated or difficult to use. The good news: that’s not the case. Simply put, the the terminology refers to identifying and detecting meaningful “complex” events, such as opportunities or threats, from a deluge of unprocessed data (i.e. base events) that move through enterprises at warp speed and responding to them while they are still relevant.

According to Roy Shulte of Gartner, “a complex event is more abstract and generally more useful for decision-making purposes than the unprocessed, base events that may be used to generate that complex event.” Hence it is the mission of the CEP providers like TIBCO to make this task as simple and painless as possible for enterprise customers to perform.

TIBCO BusinessEvents is an industry-leading CEP platform with the rule engine embedded in it. In this short video, TIBCO’s Nelson Petracek will walk you through how BusinessEvents helps simplify event processing for its customers while fueling the CEP engine to ensure enterprise-grade performance at the same time. Learn about unique capabilities of BusinessEvents such as self-service business user interface, out-of-the box state management layer, declarative environment, and the breaths of construct and language metaphor options.