BroadReach Healthcare Remedies Medical Data in Africa

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BroadReach, a global healthcare solutions company, broadens access to healthcare in emerging economies and underserved populations. In partnership with governments, communities, and major donors, it manages large-scale, multi-year projects that strengthen health systems. BroadReach believes that one of the biggest barriers to improving healthcare is getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

“We’re in a situation we call ‘Public Health 1.0’ where there are lots of great clinics, hospitals, NGOs, and people doing great things, but none are linked,” says John Sargent, founding partner of BroadReach. “We are dealing with late-stage HIV and TB patients, and if it takes three weeks to get a report showing where things are working or not working—people die, they get sicker.

“You can’t get the complete picture unless you get the information from all these sources in a way that you can understand what’s happening in a clinic, province, or country in one or two clicks. That’s the real challenge: understanding all the data that’s available and figuring out how to bring it together so it’s meaningful.”

In 2014, BroadReach unveiled its Health Command Centre for Africa, an innovative online platform that supports decision-making using TIBCO Spotfire strategic analytics and advanced data visualization.

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