Big Data Visualization and Dashboards for Amazon Redshift Just Got Even Easier and More Powerful, Starting <$1/hr!

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The locomotive-like momentum of cloud BI continues to accelerate with the latest release of TIBCO Spotfire for AWS, optimized for Amazon Redshift, starting <$1/hr.

In Gartner’s November 11, 2014 report, “Market Trends: Business Intelligence Tipping Points Herald a New Era of Analytics,” the authors recognized, “By 2016, 25% of new BI and analytic platform deployments will be in the form of subscription to cloud business analytics services.”

The report explains that data gravity is a key to this trend as data is now exploding in the cloud. There may not be a better example for this than Amazon Redshift. Redshift is the massively parallel processing (MPP) analytic database available by the hour, and it’s the fastest growing service in AWS’ history. Data is growing in the cloud at an exponential pace with Amazon Redshift and data services like it. And Amazon Redshift customers demand powerful visualization at an hourly rate on AWS, just like Redshift itself.

The newly released TIBCO Spotfire 7.0 for AWS makes it even easier for Amazon Redshift customers to analyze their data and take full advantage of Redshift’s querying horsepower under the covers.

First, instantly visualizing data is a snap. Customers can simply connect to Amazon Redshift or other databases, or upload a spreadsheet. Spotfire’s Recommendations engine does the rest by instantly classifying the data (date/time, numbers, categories) and suggesting a variety of different visualizations to choose from. You can literally connect to Amazon Redshift and attain dashboards in less than a minute. Take a look at this demo video to see Recommendations in action:

And now Spotfire for AWS enables customers to attain even faster analytical queries. Customers can now leverage Spotfire’s in-database capabilities to query the full data set in Amazon Redshift and take advantage of its powerful scale-out MPP architecture. Then, they can choose to pull a filtered subset of data into memory and use Spotfire’s in-memory engine for sub-second analysis. Business users can visualize the data via a web browser, either directly against Amazon Redshift or against the Spotfire in-memory subset of data.

Try it today with a free three-day test trial and experience for yourself just how easy it is to attain cost-effective, powerful, guided visualization for Amazon Redshift, starting <$1/hr.