TMI: TIBCO Divulges Everything About Its Revolutionary New Offering

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Over the last five years, TIBCO has been developing a secret piece of hardware which makes it possible to read minds. No longer will companies have to wait for customers to take action—businesses and corporations will always be one step ahead.

TIBCO introduces a revolutionary breakthrough in real-time information—TIBCO Total Mind Insight (TMI). TIBCO has discovered a way to read minds, days before decisions are made, place that decision in our Future Events Server, and give you the insight you need to change the world.

Total Mind Insight is so intuitive—everyone wins with TMI.

TMI opens doors that, honestly, we thought were impenetrable. Imagine settling in to a long flight overseas, only to be served crunchy pasta with canned tomato sauce. With Total Mind Insight, you can find out what the meal will be as soon as you book your ticket. You can use its powers to give the airline your preferred menu choice. Now picture being on that flight enjoying Beef Wellington made by Gordon Ramsey himself. Happy customers = happy bottom lines.

TIBCO is very excited to bring this new technology to you—we hope you’re ready. Total Mind Insight will launch 4/1/16. Download the prototype to beta test TMI and let us know what you think.

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