How to Have Continued Success with Continuous Integration

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In 4 Key Areas of Continuous Integration, we talked about how to make the shift towards becoming a digital business through Continuous Integration. Read on for more tips on how to transition successfully.

Empower the Integration Developer

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks provides an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that abstracts the APIs, transports from the developer, and exposes the data and available actions in the same model. Developers can create the relevant resources by using a wizard that manages the configuration. Developers are able to define the integration logic graphically, without a single line of code, by dragging and dropping activities from palettes, and orchestrating them. This ease of use also applies for custom components (connectors, activities) that are defined using standard Java skills. Once available in the platform, they are used as standard components.

Once the logic is defined, the BusinessWorks design environment boosts the developer’s productivity in a number of ways:

  • Developers can test their services directly within the IDE without deploying on a server. The developer can run its processes and test them. The graphical representation of the execution, as well as the processed data, ensures the developer has a complete and immediate understanding of the process behavior.
  • BusinessWorks includes two plug-ins that provide support for Maven integration, as well as test automation, simplifying the build and testing processes.
  • BusinessWorks includes scriptable commands for a consistent and repeatable deployment process
  • BusinessWorks automatically generates metadata contracts/schemas for the newly created APIs to not only document the new services, but this metadata can be used to generate a variety of clients across a broad spectrum of technologies. This also provides a web-based API console that allows the user to test the service directly from the console.
  • Users also have access to a central web administrative interface that provides access to a vast array of configuration, management, and diagnostic information for the environment and the services running.

Deliver Software More Rapidly

A key component for delivering projects faster is leveraging the practice of Continuous Integration. With Continuous Integration you are able to catch problems faster, leaving more time for feature development. Continuous Integration also provides increased visibility, which enables greater communications.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks is an open and easy-to-use integration platform that allows you to integrate data, people, processes, and systems. The platform includes tools specifically designed to enable Continuous Integration, allowing you to deliver projects faster. To learn more about BusinessWorks or to try it for yourself, click here.