The filter search on the Filter Panel is used to quickly find a filter. The default search will perform a simple text match on the column name of your filters. More advanced syntax can be used to further refine your filter list.


In addition to a simple text match, the filter search allows refining your displayed filters using additional attributes of the column.  For example:

status:modified Limit the displayed filters to only those that have been modified
datatype:real Show only those filters whose columns have a specific data type
columntype:calculated Show only calculated column filters
datatable:dataTableName Restrict the view to only those filters from a specific datatable

Any column property value can be used in the search expression. To see a list of properties that have been attached to the column, select Edit > Column Properties (Properties Tab).

Column Properties

The filter search syntax can also be combined with standard Spotfire search syntax (click here for reference). This allows for combining search syntax using ANDOR and grouping parameters to create a more robust search condition.

This capability can also be controlled using an IronPython script. This could be used, for example, to provide the user the ability to click a button in a Text Area that automatically displays only those filters that have been modified. Here is an example script that shows how to alter the filter search of the current page:

Change Filter with Script