It Is Time to Start Thinking About Change Itself

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Last week, I had a great time at the Gartner BPM Summit in Las Vegas. This year’s theme was Digitalizing Business: From Improving Process to Delivering Big Change. I think Gartner’s Daryl Plummer summed it up best in his keynote, “It is time to start thinking about change itself.” I fully agree and think that this will shape all upcoming business transformation projects.

This is a theme close to my heart. It speaks to the uses of Fast Data and where it’s heading, so much so we chose to launch ActiveMatrix® BPM 3.1 at the Summit. ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1 allows an organization to digitalize their business for today’s era of unprecedented change, not just automate what they have always been doing—allowing you to meet the challenge of accessing massive amounts of complex data and acting on what’s happening right now!


We really enjoyed showing off ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1’s new capabilities: Enhanced Case Management, Expanded BPM Analytics, and Ease of Use. We will be exploring each of these themes in more detail during the coming weeks.

As much as we enjoyed showing off ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1 and Nimbus 9.5, the highlights for me were our two sessions on Thursday where we shared some of our BPM best practices and lessons learned with Summit attendees.

The first session was TIBCO Software: Set Your Course for Change with Real-Time Analytics and Insights given by Nicolas Marzin. He discussed the different audiences for BPM Analytics and their differing requirements in this new era, as well as some solutions to accommodate them.

You can watch the full video here or check out the presentation slides below. (Refresh your browser if the slides don’t appear.)

Our second session was a roundtable, Exploring Best Practices for Data-Centric Case Management Solutions, hosted by TIBCO’s Dr. Roger C. King. It was a lively and interactive session, and we look forward to making a version of it available to you all soon.

King opened with: “It is common practice in the BPM industry to think of data last, which leads to building a single. giant mega-death process, which is brittle and becomes unmaintainable over time. We are here to explore how to make your business objects (data objects) the focus with the goal of supporting business expansion and change over time.” Keep an eye out for this shortly.

gartnershow2My last note from the conference comes from Guy Kawasaki’s keynote: “Most companies define themselves in terms of what they already do, as opposed to the benefits they provide.” These are very wise words and I think the same thing applies to a company’s business processes. Focusing on just automating what you have always done is not going to get your business to the next level and certainly won’t support innovation. I’m talking about using your processes to fundamentally change your organization’s business value, tap into additional markets, and even tackle new economies. ActiveMatrix BPM is here to help you do just that. Learn more by reading our eBook, BPM in the Era of Fast Data and Unprecedented Change.

I am looking forward to the 2015 Gartner BPM Summit already!