4 Ways Data Visualization Will Help Your Organization

4 Ways Data Visualization Will Help Your Organization
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According to IDC, there will be 40 zettabytes – that’s 40 trillion gigabytes – of big data by 2020. Companies will need to have a strategic approach to dealing with this much data.

“Visualization is being incorporated into more and more business intelligence strategies to help drive dollars back to the bottom line by helping analysts reduce costs or drive productivity,” according to an article in Forbes.

Here are four ways data visualization can help your organization:

  1. Improved response times: Data visualization puts the data into the users’ hands allowing them to more quickly identify issues and improve response times.
  2. Greater Simplicity: Using visualizations allows users to get the big picture and see the details at the same time. It simplifies the data by allowing the users to interact only with relevant data.
  3. Easier visualization of patterns: Have you ever tried to find patterns in data while reviewing thousands of lines in a spreadsheet? Using visualization allows users to better absorb the data and see new paths. This enables users to identify new patterns and trends that were impossible to see using tabular data. It allows decision-makers to view data using graphical representations including charts, fever charts, and heat maps.
  4. Enhanced Collaboration: Collaboration gives teams access to the strengths and skills of everyone involved by combining the experiences of the entire group. These skills can be used to solve problems faster and improve innovation. Using advanced visualizations makes it easier for teams to collaborate. Instead of having to consume tens of thousands of lines of data, they can rely on visual representations that consolidate the data.

Bottom line: Visualizations allow companies to discover solutions quicker, explore potential patterns, and improve decision making.