How tibbr helps Sales actually sell as a team. [Use-Case Video #01]

howtotuesday2Ever wonder what tibbr is, how it really works, and why your company needs an Enterprise Social Networking platform? Too busy to read through our whole website? Not ready to sign-up for a free demo? Then we have just the thing for you: Use-case videos!

It’s “How-to Tuesday.”

These videos are part of an on-going “How-to” video series to briefly and visually demonstrate exactly how tibbr can address specific needs and concerns of specific departments in your organization. For those people who read faster than our voice-over narrator speaks, we’ve provided the video script as text below the video. Enjoy.

tibbr for Selling as a Team from tibbr on Vimeo.

Salespeople can sell as a team better by creating a subject around a prospective client. That way, everyone can see all the relevant information about that particular prospect — all the team members, discussions, announcements, files, and upcoming events that are happening. For example, everyone involved with the prospect will receive updates about a successful meeting. People can even “at-mention” coworkers from Finance in the post, so the OP is quickly looped into the conversation, exactly when he needs to be, so teams can start working on the solutions immediately.

To watch more videos in this series, visit the tibbr page on Vimeo.