How a high-touch retailer is gaining a competitive advantage with high-tech.

A retail clothing store probably isn’t the first business that comes to mind when you imagine “early adopters” of new technology. That’s because, at its core, the bespoke clothing industry hasn’t really changed over recent years (centuries?). It is, and pretty much always has been, a high-touch business rather than a high-tech one.

But that’s all changing thanks to The Men’s Wearhouse. The largest chain of men’s tailored clothing in North America, with over 1,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada, is now using tibbr to connect and engage.

How The Men’s Wearhouse connects all of its employees.

Watch the video below to hear their Executive Vice President, James Bragg, explain why an Enterprise Social Networking platform like tibbr makes a lot of sense for a service-focused organization that prides its self on always offering a superlative customer experience.

Hear how TMW is taking advantage of mobile technology to connect employees all over the company so they can share best practices, get an overview of what’s happening, and build the company culture. And find out why their existing, entrenched communication systems were falling well short of expectations.

How The Men’s Wearhouse Connects its Employees using tibbr from tibbr on Vimeo.