How to hang on to employee expertise when your workforce keeps changing. [Webinar]

Scania truck

Turbulent economic times (whether positive or negative) often result in drastic changes to a company’s labor force — unavoidable lay-offs or abrupt hiring booms can cause chaos in ways you might not expect. Unintended consequences of workforce upheaval include sudden and massive gaps in basic company functions and knowledge. Critically important activities that need to be done — ones that you usually take for granted — can now easily get dropped or fall through the cracks.  

That’s why it’s more important than ever before to have a system in place to constantly collect and retain all company information, even the seemingly rudimentary stuff. Our upcoming webinar is your chance to hear how a major manufacturer who was dealing with workforce issues found a solution that worked for them.  

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, Scania is facing the decline of their most important resource: People.

A large portion of their workforce will be retiring soon and, to build 120,000 trucks, 15,000 buses, and 20,000 engines by 2020, Scania will need to attract a lot of new employees — just maintaining their current numbers will require 10,000 new hires.

In our upcoming webinar, Retaining knowledge and expertise amidst a changing workforce.” Karin Gustavsson, Scania’s Community Manager and Business Maintenance Manager, will discuss the company’s challenges and how tibbr works with their lean, modular approach to knowledge management.

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  • Makes working at Scania more engaging and fun
  • Makes new employees productive quickly
  • Collects the expertise of retiring employees
  • Increases innovation and productivity
  • Optimizes everyday business processes
  • Reuses Scania’s 100 years of existing knowledge
  • Integrates both legacy and cloud systems

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