5 telltale signs you need an Enterprise Social Network and how to get started.

You need an ESN
Is your business doing as well as it could be? Is your current technology really working as well as you think? Are your employees still hampered with a 20th Century workspace? If you’re not sure, then the answers to those questions are probably No.

A lot has changed technologically in recent years, and keeping up is a big part of staying competitive. Luckily, you can upgrade your current technology with an Enterprise Social Networking platform. Easily and quickly bring your employees into the modern era — you don’t even need to rip-and-replace your current systems.

Yet how can you be sure your company really needs an ESN platform? Here are the top-five telltale signs:

1.) Your productivity isn’t keeping up with competitors.

Today’s technology is amazing and can help your people do more work with less time and effort. But if you’ve just installed new systems and your employee productivity curve still isn’t arcing up, your technology may be more of a hindrance than a help. Fortunately, you don’t have to scrap it all and start over. Discover how the tibbr platform can increase your workforce productivity » 

2.) Your R&D department is hurting your P&L.

Are you not getting enough innovation from your innovators? Why not get a few more brains involved? How about using ALL of your brains? Great ideas can come from anywhere, and tibbr makes soliciting, selecting, and managing ideas easy and, more importantly, cost-effective. Read more about how you can cut the cost of innovation using tibbr »

3.) Your business processes are bureaucratic.

Are employees in different departments, groups, or offices end up using entirely different business processes to accomplish the exact same tasks? As a communication and collaboration platform, tibbr was designed to help people identify and eliminate productivity-sapping process inefficiency and duplication. Learn how tibbr can improve your work processes »

4.) Your on-boarding takes an eternity.

Are your employees getting up to speed quickly? Or are they killing other employees’ productivity by asking questions all the time? The faster new employees learn the company’s ways, systems, and best practices, the faster they’ll start contributing to your bottom line. Read more about how tibbr can help speed up employee on-boarding and training »

5.) Your email inbox is out of control.

Are your people spending too much time dealing with email? There’s a better way to communicate with a broad audience spread among many different distributed offices, locations, and time zones. Find out how tibbr reduced the time employees spent on internal communications »

How to get started with tibbr now.

The ROI of a next-generation workspaceIf you have any (or all) of those problems, then you need to look into an ESN like tibbr. Start by skimming our informative infographic, The lazy person’s guide to enterprise social networking. That will give you a quick primer on the basic ideas behind an ESN.

Once you’re done perusing that, have a look at some of the recent accolades tibbr has received from industry analysts and publications. (We’ve been on a bit of a roll lately.) And finally, get a hands-on demo of how tibbr can improve workplace productivity by signing up for a free trial now.