A New Equation Equals a New Approach

An integration provider, when viewed from a customer perspective, should look very attractive—and not just because of its middleware infrastructure. What should also attract customers is the provider’s ability to help a company leverage its most valuable competitive advantage—insights about consumers, markets, partners, and competitors—in real time to supercharge business processes.

Traditionally, software has been sold by building a platform in a surprisingly similar way. Technologies are built and bought—BUS, adapters, SOA, BPM, MDM, analytics, and so on. While, this method works well, I’ve realized that “how” we do it is not as important to the customer as “what” we can do with our comprehensive software portfolio.

Understanding The What

“What” we can do with our technology has changed over the years. The surprising thing for me is that I am hearing similar things from all kinds of customers. Last week, I had a conversation with a chief process officer and he said, “Being able to leverage real-time analytics in business operations and processes is key for us.”

Reducing Resistance to “New”

My conversations indicate that companies are looking for the integration provider that can answer YES to using insights to optimize business process and operations. What that means is that real-time analytics applied to business processes should be a mandatory part of all customer conversations.

When encountering something new, there is a natural tendency to resist. Organizations, people, processes—they all resist change. Fast Data is also something new that will take some time for people to understand. I have seen the light and am talking about it often.

Every company owns very valuable information about its consumers and markets. They also have data scientists who can uncover insight from data silos using 20th-century analytic tools. But these insights are not linked to real-world business processes that change constantly. Only TIBCO can stitch together data, events, and analytics in real time to enable a flexible, agile, and intelligent business platform.

You can apply this to use cases in retail, airlines, insurance, banking, sports teams, and whatever kind of vertical you are in. I came up with this equation that describes the mathematical transformation that we can apply to help companies transform their business:

Fast Data = real time [(events, analytics, behavior) + data-at-rest] * business processes

I would argue that TIBCO’s value proposition has never been more important. This is not just a cliché. A customer executive has said something like this to me: “Three years ago, we would say our company runs on databases. Now we say it runs on TIBCO.” They have challenged us with leveraging the insight they already have about their consumers and markets, and applying it to their global banking operations.