Crack the Code to Secure File Sharing

In today’s world, data is collected about everyone. Whether it is installing cookies on your system when you search a web page, or viewing data on your social media page, more than ever you are exposed to the growing risk that your personal data could fall into the wrong hands.

Is Your Personal Information Safe?

Nearly every week since the NSA was exposed for snooping into personal emails last year, we hear about a new case of a business doing the same thing. Many Internet companies such as Google and Facebook are forced to provide information about their users to government agencies. With this snooping, is it still safe to place proprietary or confidential data on these sites, knowing that third parties may have access to them?

How to Protect Company Data

Customer concerns seem to center around one common theme: the need to bring cloud applications on premise to reduce company risk and data snooping. One of these applications is file synchronizing and sharing services that employees use to share files inside and outside of their respective organizations. By bringing these services on premise, organizations can control what files are being shared and eliminate data snooping.

TIBCO Vault can be deployed by enterprises worldwide to provide an on-premise alternative to cloud-based file sharing services. On-premise deployment empowers customers to encrypt their confidential files when in motion and at rest, granting them the peace of mind that their confidential information is not being exposed to data snooping. Additionally, TIBCO Vault meets all the criteria for secure and efficient syncing and sharing of enterprise files, thanks to a simple drag-and-drop interface, enterprise-grade security and tracking, and automated user provisioning.

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Having spent the last 6 years providing guidance to customers on deploying and maximizing their Managed File Transfer environments, Matt has helped lead the development of TIBCO Vault for Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization. Matt currently works as a Solution Consultant at TIBCO and provides leadership for both the TIBCO Managed File Transfer and TIBCO Vault solution. Prior to TIBCO Matt was with Proginet Corporation, who TIBCO acquired in September 2010. While at Proginet Matt worked in a variety of positions including as an MFT Solution Consultant and, as an MFT Architect. Matt holds an BA in Marketing from Hofstra University.