Seminar “Live” Blog: The Workspace for a New Workforce

Our latest free seminar, “The Workspace for a New Workforce” IS happening right now in Sydney, Australia (assuming we understand time-zones correctly).

If you aren’t already registered and attending, here’s what we think you might be missing:

The seminar is being held at Ivy which, we’re guessing, is Standing Room Only by now with seminar attendees learning how tibbr has re-imagined the workspace for the 21st Century.

People are getting first-hand demos of our latest software, tibbr5. The keynote speaker, Ram Menon, is highlighting tibbr’s vision for the future of work. And current tibbr customers — HLB Mann Judd, Veritec, and Compton Green — are explaining how their organizations are using tibbr to get more work done.

At the end, we predict someone will make an announcement that a set of car keys were left behind, and that the owner can pick them up at the bar.

Featured Speakers:

Ram Menon
President of Social Computing
TIBCO Software
Jacqui Walford
Director, Marketing & Business Development
HLB Mann Judd
Matthew Ryan
Head of Strategy
Adrian Butera
Compton Green

If you want to find out about future seminars, follow tibbr on Twitter. For a recap of the event with new ideas for getting work done faster using tibbr’s integrated collaboration platform, check back in a couple of days.