Take Your Business Analytics Mobile. Yes, There’s an App for That

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We track our runs, sync our calendars, and even monitor our financial activities—all from one constant accessory, our mobile device. There are mobile apps to track metrics for just about everything in our daily lives. One thing they all have in common: They are all simple to use.

Our work-from-anywhere-at-any-time culture has made having an enterprise mobile strategy a must. And because we’re so used to the simplicity of public apps on our smartphones and tablets, the bar is really high for the intuitive performance of apps that take a business mobile.

Your company’s short list of mobile apps should include TIBCO Spotfire Mobile Metrics, which provides immediate access to up-to-date key performance indicators (KPIs) on any mobile device, whether online or offline. With Spotfire Mobile Metrics you can monitor the pulse of your business, and socialize insights with colleagues in real time, in an instant, even easier than with desktop and web clients.

Monitor Personal KPIs at a Moment’s Notice

Spotfire Mobile Metrics provides a seamless user experience with up-to-date KPIs so you can make immediate, informed decisions about the most critical aspects of your business—anytime, anywhere. Whether in a plane over Greenland, on an oil field in Kazakhstan, or at home catching up on work after the kids go to bed, TIBCO customers can act fast using Spotfire Mobile Metrics on their smartphones and tablets.

Key Spotfire Mobile Metrics Benefits and Features

  • Easy to Understand. Immediately spot opportunities and problem areas in your business through simple, performance-focused views.
  • Personalized. Gain instant access to your most important business metrics through personal, user-based subscription.
  • Collaborative.  Socialize opportunities and concerns by posting comments about the KPIs you follow.
  • Contextual.  Drill down from metrics into trend view, and into Spotfire analytics (or your favorite analytics tool), to understand root causes.
  • BYOD Support. Gain access to KPIs from any mobile device, including iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows phones, tablets, and laptops.

You’ve already made an investment in business intelligence tools for creating schemas, queries, and reporting assets. Why not extend those capabilities to all users, wherever they are?

Try Spotfire today!