TUCON 2013 Lives Up To Expectations

Last week’s TUCON 2013 was the best TIBCO user conference to date. It was a beautiful and engaging experience, in line with our core design focus. From the education sessions, product certifications, and Solutions Showcase, to the performance by the rock band Plain White T’s, the conference was a spectacle—and it was a blur for all the right reasons.

We had awesome speakers and sessions that covered a wide variety of ways our customers are using TIBCO’s platform. Nielsen, Kroger, Siemens Healthcare, and others took their turn telling stories of how their companies are managing large amounts of critical data and complex processes in very short timeframes, creating extreme value for their customers. TIBCO’s Two-Second Advantage was broadly on display and I am proud of what we put together.

There are so many great things to talk about and I’d like to showcase three product announcements that exemplified the event:

Spotfire 6.0

Spotfire 6.0 is in the cloud, on mobile devices…it’s everywhere! Wherever and whenever you need access to anything from KPI metrics to deep analysis, Spotfire 6.0 has you covered. But this new release wasn’t just about broadening the platform—it was also about recognizing that Big Data without events is just not useful. With this event analytics solution, you can bring together data at rest with data in motion, and truly operationalize Big Data.

BW Express

Like the very popular BusinessWorks product that shares its name, BusinessWorks Express is a powerful, easy-to-use integration application, but built specifically for Web and mobile integration projects. We feel confident that the integration needs of mobile devices will continue to rise sharply in the coming years and we knew we needed our platform to continue to rise with those needs.

Project Austin

There was a great deal of buzz when we announced Project Austin, which is a completely cloud-base integration application targeted at non-technical business users. With so much happening with Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and business users becoming more familiar with data, it only made sense to create an integration product to suit those needs. We’re creating a stand-alone cloud service that will allow sharing of information between common cloud-based and on-premise business applications, and allow organizations to be more proactive, autonomous, and effective.

A common theme of our announcements last week was the shift toward the cloud and making the TIBCO platform more useful for business users, while reducing the burden on IT. These are fast-moving times and each customer talked about their requirement to have new ways of addressing Big Data, cloud, and integration. It was great to be part of TUCON 2013.

Want to learn more? Check out our Integration Maturity Assessment.

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Matt Quinn has been with TIBCO for 14 years. During this time he has had several worldwide roles. As CTO, Quinn works with all product groups to create a common, corporate-wide vision for all of TIBCO's products and technologies; ensures interoperability between TIBCO's various products families, as well as consistent architectural approaches across all groups; and provides overall leadership and coordination of TIBCO's product plans and technology direction. Up until his new role as CTO, Quinn has been responsible for the Composite Application Group (CAG). This group encompasses TIBCO's SOA, BPM, Infrastructure, Monitoring and Management, Governance and User Experience technologies. This group is responsible end-to-end for the engineering, quality, delivery of product, product vision, and customer enablement. Earlier in his TIBCO career, Quinn was a global architect, responsible for the delivery of some of TIBCO's largest implementations in diverse areas such as transportation and logistics, energy and finance. This was a hands-on role, building real systems architecture for production customers.