Adapt to Changing Markets and Don’t Let Your Business Go Extinct

Do you want to pride yourself in being referred to as a dinosaur? Think again! Across many industries, large organizations have failed and gone extinct due to a lack of agility to adapt to changes in market dynamics; they considered themselves too big to fail or immune to market changes. Whether it is the lack of motivation or the “inability to adapt,” these excuses are no longer valid; in today’s world, the ability to adapt to necessary changes is no longer a choice

Be Equipped to Adapt to Ever Changing Business Dynamics

Organizations need the best set of technologies to innovate, which allows them to create new services, monetize existing IT assets, and create a compelling differentiator. What better example of this success than Symantec, founded in 1982, a global leader of computer security software with 2012 revenues close to $6.7 billion.

Within the last few years, the adoption rate of new (computing and communication) devices like smartphones and tablets has increased exponentially. In turn this has compelled many organizations to rethink their respective business strategies. The impact was global, but to further complicate matters many regions displayed unique flavors associated to the market scenarios.

Rapid growth in these markets presented a challenge for businesses not anticipating the growth, but for Symantec this came as an opportunity—new markets, new products, and new ways of engaging with customers.

Right Technology Complements “Vision”

Symantec was able to successfully differentiate themselves by defining business rules to manage targeted customer segments, geography, and demographics while still providing a level of flexibility necessary for the market.

Clearly, Symantec had a solid strategy and vision in place to adequately address market challenges. But, more importantly, their technology delivered the foundation for this success. Additionally, it provided their organization with the ability to scale, and the flexibility to quickly respond to any changes across the business. With TIBCO’s event processing technology, Symantec now configures rules according to needs, which allows them to protect existing revenue streams as well as the ability to go after new revenue streams—all without disrupting existing business.

Business processes changed as a result of TIBCO’s business events implementation. Symantec’s business users were able to more rapidly respond to competitors’ pressures and marketplace changes. Swapneel Mahajan, Senior Manager e-Business at Symantec, details this success: “Just within the 30 days of us going live, we were able to build customers that we wouldn’t have been able to build previously, using our old system.”

Technology + Education = Win

I’d like to steal a famous quote from Louis Pasteur that I used in a previous blog post: “Chance favors only the prepared mind.” I believe everything begins with education! I completely buy in to the notion that “software is as good as the person using it.” Creating a differentiator becomes difficult unless someone knows how to best use a technology.

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