IT Security: The Flak Jacket vs Blue Blankie Approach

Anyone who has considered making a big purchase has most likely heard the question “…and can you really put a price tag on that?” at some point. An example: “With the purchase of this big-rig, you’re also going to want these mud-flaps with the silver silhouettes because they shout to the world ‘I got class’…and can you really put a price tag on that?”

In the IT world, we are constantly challenged to improve processes, performance, and overall reliability, but we never take that question rhetorically.  The IT price tag flushes out a bit differently, coming in the form of maintenance, system upgrades, emergency fixes, and other necessary expenses. As the Internet of Things continues to bring more and more devices online ,the importance of cyber security will increase significantly in the coming years. Organizations must prepare themselves now, as best they can, in an attempt to mitigate any attacks or damage when they do occur.

True Damage of IT Security Breeches

Take the case of IT security. Some stats reveal malicious or criminal data attacks average $222 USD per record, identity theft by hackers averages 1.1 million cases per year, and re-certification/compliance costs average $6 Million USD per occurrence after each case of cybercrime. Clearly, the cost of cyber attack is very real and you can put a price on it.

So, the answer to “Can you really put a price on IT security?” is clearly, “Uh…shyeah.” Security risks to IT are compounded due to the complexity of today’s Machine Big Data—the digital output growing exponentially due to the increasing diversity of machines, applications, and devices found in any organization.

Not If, But When

IT professionals no longer ask, “Will my organization experience a security event?” because, statistically, it WILL happen; you know it, IT knows it, your shareholders know it. So, WHEN that security incident happens, will your IT professionals be able to answer these essential questions below?

  • Are you storing all of your log files for enough time to find out “What happened?”
  • Can you issue a single search across all Machine Big Data, regardless of source or file type?
  • Can you set an alert that would trigger from any source in your enterprise?

Log management is key to IT security. Having the right tools to centrally manage all log files from the Machine Big Data being generated across your organization, and the ability to set up alerts and reports—not only to monitor, but to proactively predict security events—equates to wearing a flak jacket versus holding a “blue blankie” for protection and security. One actually does the job; the other just makes you feel safe. Which do you want on your side when a security incident occurs?

TIBCO Loglogic just released a video demo highlighting key log management features essential for security strategy. Within minutes, you will learn how your organization can easily and quickly configure alerts and reports to secure, predict, and manage your IT data.