Let’s be Frank, Mobile in the Enterprise Still Sucks

We can do just about anything from our smartphones—read publications, shop online, check our bank statements, tweet—but when it comes to getting real work done, enterprise mobile apps lag far behind desktop computers. Employees usually have to be at the office to enter a purchase order, approve an invoice or get real work done.

Ram Menon, the President of Social Computing at TIBCO, talks about the three things that need to be done to make enterprise mobile apps better:

  • User experience is everything. App designers should create enterprise apps with a user-first, consumer-grade orientation.
  • Enterprise content is best served selectively. It must control the influx of data and selectively access what’s most important to users at specific times.
  • There is a camera. Use it. Mobile apps should take advantage of the new class of sensors and functionality available on a mobile device.

Read the full article here: Why Mobile in the Enterprise Still Sucks.

tibbr Mobile Apps Set the Pace for Enterprise Social Networks from tibbr on Vimeo.

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