Webinar: How a 170-Year-Old Company Reinvented Itself Using an Enterprise Social Network

Schneider Electric, the global energy management specialist, has been around for 170 years. As their CIO Herve Coureil said at TUCON last year, “We have to reinvent ourselves.” To help them with their latest initiative, delivering 30% energy savings for their customers, the company deployed an enterprise social network.

In our recent webinar, Schneider Electric’s social enterprise program manager Deepak Bhandary talks about how they were able to rollout the tibbr social platform across 140,000 employees, spread across 100 different countries. Bhandary shines light on how launching social software is not an isolated event but a multi-dimensional process, not an IT deployment but a business transformation.

The webinar quickly covers an impressive amount of depth and breadth:

  • providing specific real-life use cases like finding expertise, extending reach, and driving faster project-cycles
  • behind-the-scenes looks at refining the right amount of structure and organic elements
  • identifying important early considerations of whom to involve and how
  • maturely addressing change management and the internal dynamics that collaboration raises further on

And if that’s not enough, there’s plenty more about the important roles played by tibbr’s maturity in mobile, integrations, and the cloud. So click here to find out how Schneider Electric generates power not just with their products, but with their people too:

Webinar: How a 170-year Old Company Deployed Next Generation Enterprise Social