Learning Software Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Why do we often tell people what to do, instead of teaching them? The learn-by-doing experience is exponentially more effective.


Learning to ride a bike by yourself is challenging…but learning TIBCO software shouldn’t be. It’s difficult not only to imagine what riding a bike is like, but without hands-on experience you don’t even know where to start. Learning to ride often starts with training wheels and a parent by your side. As you become progressively more comfortable, the training wheels come off. When you’re on a “normal” bike for the first time, you have confidence in learning how to ride, and have become an active part of the learning process.

This is a highly effective method for teaching someone how to do something, like software. Simply telling does not work, but a hands-on experience is required to learn most complex concepts.

TUCON is Interactive

At TUCON we aren’t going to just tell you how to use our software in a PowerPoint on a stage. We also aren’t going to just teach you—we are going to give you a hands-on experience with the core team in the room. You will be able to manipulate the software, ask questions, and learn in the most effective way possible.

The breakout sessions and the solution showcase will provide attendees the opportunity to interact with our products, not just hear about them. This creates deeper understanding, as the knowledge generated from these experiences will stick with you long beyond TUCON. It may even inspire you to show and teach your colleagues in the same way our product professionals taught you.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get up close and personal with TIBCO products. Join us for TUCON 2013 at ARIA in Las Vegas. You can also save $250 dollars off your registration today!