Top 8 Reasons to Attend TUCON

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As excitement for TUCON 2013 grows to a fevered pitch, we thought we should highlight the top 8 reasons to attend.

1. Hands-on – Get your hands dirty with actual software, all under the guidance of the core product team. Ask your burning questions in real time, while exploring features and updates.

2. Customer Use Cases – Attend breakout sessions showcasing customer growth with TIBCO products. Learn directly from them on what challenges they faced, how they overcame them, and in what unique ways they were able to solve common business challenges. Depending on personal preference, choose to attend customer presentations based on industry, competition, or product.

3. Thought Leadership – Listen to what keeps influential business thinkers up at night and how they best plan to address 21st-century business challenges. Main stage speakers will include executives from TIBCO, Hewlett Packard, Nielsen, Kroger, KPMG, and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

4. Networking – Meet and engage with the most knowledgeable end users of TIBCO products in the world. Discuss shared challenges and successes with your peers to grow your network of developers, engineers, and leadership.

5. Complement Your Software – Learn how our products work together in ways you may have never imagined. Don’t limit your vision to the capabilities you are familiar with, but see how different product groups complement each other.

6. Exclusive Roadmap – Get a first look at our product roadmap for 2014. Be the first to hear TIBCO’s thought leadership on where we are placing our big bets.

7. Education – Roll up your sleeves and take advantage of one-on-one classroom time with the core product team in extensive sessions that delve deeply into product functions.

8. Certification – Build skills, prove your expertise, and increase the power of your resume. Official TIBCO certification will be widely available as a built-in feature of many of the hands-on sessions.

For more reasons to attend, watch the TUCON 2013 Sneak Peek, highlighting major themes and register for TUCON using this special $250 promo code: