Take New Ideas to Market Faster by Utilizing a Partner With Robust TCO

Integration is an enabler of innovation. It’s a requirement. It makes the most important asset, information, available. While most IT departments realize that trying to integrate all complex systems in house is likely not the most forward-thinking approach, selecting an integration provider can often be daunting. A provider with a highly-rated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can radically affect platform choice, as it is really the best signifier of ease of use and quality.

TCO is the most essential piece of information a company must consider when choosing an integration provider. Developer productivity is synonymous with “time is money.” They work on some of the most high-touch software throughout the company. Making the best use of developer time in an integration or program implementation is fundamental for timely, successful execution.

Ease of Use

Innovative providers, such as TIBCO, provide platform designs with built-in ease of use and compatibility. If newly implemented software is difficult to manage or work with across different departments, it becomes a net loss despite added functionality. A sound design with users in mind brings a lower TCO, as you can rapidly test new software against current systems. Our integration TCO is 10% to 35% below our industry competitors, as seen in the third-party validation by Appvance.

Rapid Innovation  

The faster new ideas turn to new capabilities, the more new ideas with which an organization can move forward. Speed really becomes a factor when man-hours are part of the equation. Development times become an opportunity cost in a zero-sum game of some other project that could be worked on. Efficient integration ensures this process goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish. TCO directly affects company productivity, especially developers, by easing the burden of service construction and orchestration, as well as reducing associated deployment costs.

Integration will allow your company to innovate in a faster, smarter way. To learn more about TIBCO’s innovative integration platforms and capabilities, read this new report issued by Appvance.