40 Trillion Gigabytes of Data by 2020

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Forty trillion gigabytes. That’s the amount of data IDC predicts will be created by 2020. This growth is in part due to machines signing on to networks and the Internet. Machine Big Data is information processed by a digital machine or device operation. This type of information can seem overwhelming considering just how many machines or devices a company may have online or within an internal network. Companies set the parameters and schedule processing to record events and state changes. Capturing this information can provide amazing value for enterprises who know how to handle it.

Use Cases

Radio Shack: The company can pick up anomalies that trigger within hours of a transaction, and therefore address events much faster to protect their customers and their businesses. This not only elevates their ability to provide outstanding customer service, but ensures all essential information is captured. The importance of log management accessibility has increased with new compliance mandates such as: Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS, and others.

Nova Nordisk: It guarantees continual network availability from every workstation to every application. This becomes essential for businesses that process individual transactions in less than a few seconds. The accessibility of network device logs have become more valuable and actionable.

Putting Machine Big Data to Work

For this data to be useful, companies need meaningful ways to display the results of Big Data analytics, including Machine Big Data. A  comprehensive view of data equips organizations to make the right decisions. Consequently, this will allow companies to be better equipped in dealing with immerging trends affecting IT infrastructure. These trends include: growing volumes of data in enterprise and cloud; attacks on data; cost of data breaches; data requirements for compliance with industry mandates or standards; and rising customer expectations.

As more and more machines and devices come online, businesses must take a critical look at how they plan to address Machine Big Data. Find the value of building or buying your Machine Big Data by reading this whitepaper.