Using The Cloud Helps Keep the Planet Greener


As companies look for more ways to strengthen their corporate social responsibility report card, many of them don’t realize they can add cloud services to the list of good deeds. Cloud computing versus on-premise delivery decreases a company’s carbon dioxide emissions, and provides scale and flexibility to an organization. If you’re an IT professional, you’re probably aware of this, but how many people at your organization understand the environmental benefits of moving to a cloud service provider?

Cloud For a Green Planet

When discussing the move to the cloud, presentations focus on big topics, like reducing infrastructure investment, flattening out peak demand, and utilizing servers – all huge benefits, but ones that need a fair amount of explanation to a non-IT professional. “Environmentally-conscious computing” is something we can all understand as it’s being discussed. We’re all trying to be more responsible with energy. It saves money and the planet, so why not? We all try to do this in our homes, and that’s exactly what CIOs are trying to do, on a larger scale, at organizations.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Accenture did a study in 2010 simulating various on-premise servers-versus-cloud-services scenarios and measured the environmental benefits. They reported reduced carbon emissions of 30% to 90%, with smaller organizations (around 100 users) enjoying the largest benefit of buying into the IT co-op that is the cloud. That’s a pretty amazing benefit that happens as a result of an upgrade – and something that’s probably not shared very often with teams at large.

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