Now You Can Get Important Work Done from Any Mobile Device

Most of us can’t leave home without our keys, wallet and smartphone. Our mobile device is not only our social line, but also our way to stay plugged-in to work. With over 30% of enterprise information exchanged on smartphones, it’s now essential for employees to be able to receive information and get work done from their mobile device. The latest release of tibbr’s mobile apps meets this requirement.

tibbr allows employees to take action on key business processes right from their smartphone. For example, a manager can approve purchase orders right from the enterprise social app. By supporting a variety of business systems, tibbr’s mobile app lets employees do their work from one interface.

56% of tibbr users already use their mobile device and tablets as the primary means to access tibbr. With this information in mind, we spent an inordinate amount of time over the last year analyzing user data, feedback and overall trends to provide a compelling mobile experience. This release is a culmination of these efforts. While it’s difficult to capture what we have done in a short blog post, I would characterize the release with the following…

Ubiquitous Access

From the $20 HTC phone to $600 retina-display iPad, we wanted to provide an experience that was feature rich, compelling, built from the ground up, while recognizing the form factor and key activities users perform on mobile. Businesses are looking for mobile apps that enable users to get work done in the context of their app, without leave that space and toggle between apps. Furthermore, to fit the needs of a diverse consumer market, tibbr is available for a range of mobile platforms, including Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

From Consumption to Discovery

We are changing from a society that simply consumes information on mobile to expecting to discover that nugget of information that is relevant to me. Now tibbr users have discovery panels, akin to the enterprise social graph, and can find trending posts, people, documents and apps that are personalized and relevant to them, based on who and what they already follow.

From Consumption to Action

It’s one thing to access the things people are saying, but tibbr takes it to a new level integrating a variety of systems so employees can take action and get work done from anywhere. Users can approve expenses and other line of business items from one interface, without being chained to their desktop computer.