Live Webinar: Transform Sales and Marketing to Boost Revenue

Enterprise social networking is rapidly becoming a must-have in the 21st century. Businesses like Yellow Pages Group are replacing traditional technology like SharePoint and using social technology to revamp the critical connection between sales and marketing. Discover how Yellow Pages Group is integrating enterprise social networking into their business processes to drive higher sales and increased revenue.

Join Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst at MWD Advisors and Andre Boisvert, Chief Architect at Yellow Pages Group for our live interview-style webinar on how to Transform Sales and Marketing to Boost Revenue with Enterprise Social.

Why you should attend:

  • Discover how Yellow Pages Group employees use enterprise social networking to boost collaboration across departments and drive revenue
  • Hear their business objectives and the plan that was put in place
  • Learn how private social networks naturally gather feedback, so the efforts of Marketing don’t go unnoticed

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Andre Boisvert
Andre is the Chief Architect at Yellow Pages Group. YPG is a Montreal-based holding of leading digital advertising and marketing solutions companies. With offices coast to coast, Yellow Pages Group employes over 2,800 people.



Angela Ashenden
Angela is MWD’s Principal Analyst for Collaboration. With Experience in many areas around collaboration and information management, she has advised clients on technology and management issues relating to collaboration, enterprise content management, portals, workflow, enterprise search and e-learning. Angela regularly presents at conferences and seminars on information management technology and markets, as well as writing for journals and trade publications on various topics.