InterPortPolice Use Private Social Networking to Keep the World Safe

In the wake of the September 11th attacks, law enforcement agencies were forced to rethink their intelligence-sharing strategies. InterPortPolice, a global law enforcement association, began searching for a technology that would break down information silos and provide a secure platform for exchanging relevant updates. It selected tibbr® as its private social network because of its sophisticated security and ability to deliver information to officers when they need it—even from the scene of an incident.

“We needed a trusted partner with an easy-to-use platform to help us break out of the insecure email bottleneck and offer streamlined text, voice, video and picture collaboration to participants across multiple jurisdictions and countries,” said Secretary General Jay Grant, chief executive of InterPortPolice.

“Early in our search, we came across various tools that fell short of meeting the demands of our mobile and collaborative workforce. tibbr was an obvious fit for us because it goes beyond basic social communication – it is secure, mobile and integrates updates from various law enforcement systems. In our world, that could mean preventing a serious incident or crime.”

According to InterPortPolice, the majority of law enforcement officers at the airports and seaports are away from their desks 90 percent of the time. tibbr’s robust mobile offerings, including its geolocation capability, was of utmost importance to InterPortPolice. With tibbr GEO, physical places – cargo containers, ships, airplanes, and more – are turned into data hubs that immediately and proactively stream important insights relevant to that specific place, allowing officers to respond appropriately to any given situation.

Officers in the field need instant access to shared information throughout the day, and tibbr GEO is the only tool able to push critical, location-based information to the right person at the right time. InterPortPolice plans to offer to integrate tibbr GEO into airports, seaports, transport, border and the supply chain for effective security and operational sharing.

InterPortPolice is taking a strategic, long-term approach to deploying tibbr throughout its member network. InterPortPolice is building a program to assist the onboarding process in its various jurisdictions while the network expands. With plans to open their tibbr platform to other governmental and law enforcement personnel within the United States and European Union as well as other intergovernmental organizations that wish to participate.