Top 5 Stories on Enterprise Social Networking – Web Roundup

Social media is rapidly evolving beyond just marketing and integrating into business processes across all departments. Check out the top 5 stories on enterprise social networking for the last month.

Making A Case For Social Collaboration Tools

Christian Buckley – Most CIOs raise a flag when it comes to social — and with good reason. They just don’t see the business value in the current slate of social tools — most of which were developed with the consumer in mind, not a secure, compliant, enterprise user-base. Developing an open-ended social dialog, without permissions, structure and control just doesn’t meet the stated goals and strategies of many enterprises that have spent massive dollars building out comprehensive, yet secure and compliant, collaboration platforms for their organizations. (continued…)

Evolution of the Networked Enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey Results Over a surprisingly brief period, the use of social tools and technologies has grown from limited experimentation at the edge of corporate practice to what’s now the mainstream. A remarkable 83 percent of respondents say their companies are using at least one social technology, and 65 percent say employees at their companies access at least one tool on a mobile device. Ninety percent of executives whose companies use social technologies report measurable benefits from these tools, and what’s more, a small yet growing number of companies—the most skilled and intensive technology users—are racking up outsize benefits. (continued…)

Enterprise Social Networking Will Kill Business Email. Here’s Why

Anthony Zets –  
McKinsey’s research indicates that interaction workers typically spend 28% of each day (13 hours a week) reading, writing and filing e-mails. (McKinsey Quarterly, Nov 12)

Email became a powerful tool for individual and small group communication because of its Inbox which has served as a user’s task list and its folders as a filing system. The Inbox has been one single place to keep abreast of daily business activities. A huge amount of valuable company knowledge is locked up in emails, sequestered as silo-ed “dark-matter” and inaccessible to other employees. (continued…)

Why Businesses Should Stop The Annual Performance Review

Scott Allison –  
The annual review is coming up—meaning one year’s worth of work will come down to one review. It’s no wonder managers and employees alike dread the whole process.

Wouldn’t it be better if performance reviews were more ongoing?

In fact, businesses that provide performance reviews on a regular basis see better performance. Research from Bersin by Deloitte shows, companies that revisit goals for employees quarterly, outperform those that set goals annually by more than 30%. (continued…)

Positioning The Enterprise For The Big Social Win

Reggie Bradford – The socially enabled enterprise—in which social extends beyond marketing and is integrated into multiple internal and external touch points in the corporate infrastructure—is beginning to materialize.  Businesses today have an unprecedented opportunity to gather and leverage holistic big data, including that gleaned from the vast, fast-moving social web.  But are businesses adequately positioning to seize on that kind of customer experience advantage? (continued…)