ACEA Has Light Bulb Moment With TIBCO


The light bulb just went off in your head and you thought of an idea. Many people trying to think of an idea can relate to the “light bulb moment.” Ideas are born every day which become timeless throughout history. Everyone knows the story of Benjamin Franklin’s idea to tie a key to the tail of a kite on a stormy night with a lightning-filled sky. That idea allowed for more research on electricity. A light bulb went off for Franklin that allowed him to prove lightning was an electrical current existing in nature. He was not the first to research electricity, but his innovative thinking inspired great improvements and inventions. Like Franklin, ACEA has had some help with a great innovative charge in the energy industry.

ACEA developed from a basic electricity company into Italy’s largest municipal utility. The company is the leading supplier of water and among the largest distributors of electrical power. Equally significant, ACEA has also evolved from a state-controlled institution into a deregulated, free-market enterprise; one whose success hangs on its ability to render services at once efficient and robust. ACEA provides more than 2.7 million residential customers with power in the Rome area, and supplies water to more than seven million people.

ACEA is the sole distributor in its territory of jurisdiction. However, the company must comply with strict market regulations that require the development of the market and optimization of its business processes for the reduction of regulated tariffs and evaluation. ACEA needed TIBCO as a partner in order to transform and innovate its business processes. ACEA has not only identified an opportunity to provide better self-service to customers, but also aligned with business processes and information systems.

ACEA uses TIBCO technology to automate processes and share reusable services in several other areas of its business. ACEA selected TIBCO because of the quality of the TIBCO team, as well as the quality of TIBCO’s offerings in the local energy market. Because of TIBCO BPM, ACEA has been able to transform the front-office processes to comply with new energy regulations that require the company to separate sales and distribution. The ACEA front-office portal the company created with TIBCO’s help improves communications with sale providers and automates processes for contract changes.

ACEA is utilizing TIBCO as much as it can, including using the BPM platform for existing applications as metering, consumption tracking, work and asset management, workforce automation and resource scheduling, and service level agreement monitoring. As a result of using TIBCO, ACEA now has the capabilities to expand its services and enhancements. The light bulb went off for ACEA when they decided to choose TIBCO and now the lights are on in the Rome area.

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