Like the Wright Brothers, TIBCO Helps Scandinavian Airlines Innovate in Air Travel


Orville and Wilbur Wright are credited with developing and building the first successful airplane. While they were not the first to build and fly an experimental aircraft, in 1903 they were the first to innovate the revolutionary concept of fixed-wing flight. Based on this fundamental shift in essential airplane architecture, we now have airplanes that travel the globe faster and better than anyone could have ever imagined. Every airline has them to thank for their business success, and Scandinavian Airlines understands the importance of safe and comfortable travel. Scandinavian Airlines is the fourth-largest airline in Europe and transports over 23 million passengers to 92 destinations in 33 countries each year.

The airline industry might appreciate the Wright brothers for their innovations in flying, but many other processes are critical to commercial airlines including customers and passenger service. As in most industries, unseen internal processes often get taken for granted, yet are just as important. Scandinavian Airlines is known as a technology innovator within the industry. They began migrating to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure in 2002 and now have approximately 60 to 70 services in use internally and externally. Just as every airline and pilot can be grateful for the Wright brothers, Scandinavian Airlines also appreciates the unseen help and support TIBCO provides to the company. TIBCO’s platform-neutral approach to SOA is helping the airline manage services across heterogeneous platforms – a critical success factor in their environment.

Scandinavian Airlines uses TIBCO’s enterprise service bus in sharing and re-using new applications, data, and services with legacy applications. The company has been able to decrease IT complexity and maintenance cost. The airline improved streamlined global operations and customer service. The Scandinavian Airlines integration project uses TIBCO so the airline carrier can bring together all of their logistics and resource management systems. After migrating to SOA, SAS can fund new projects with the 30% to 50% they are saving on maintenance and operations.

TIBCO provides a flexible and scalable integration infrastructure allowing Scandinavian Airlines to focus their business processes on customer demand. Moreover, the company has access to real-time information essential to their continued success and staying on the cutting-edge in the airline industry. Ladies and gentlemen, your seat backs and folding tray tables can be in any position you wish, because with TIBCO, there is nothing to worry about.

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