What Can’t You Do Without? TIBCO: The Easy Button For Business


What things can’t you do without? Other than the necessities, what is important to your everyday life? Some people would say television, Internet, an iPod, or their cell phone. In today’s world, we all have certain things that we use daily to make our lives easier. Many of the things that we value so much today did not even exist 50 years ago, but that is the power of innovation. We have new tools to handle our problems more quickly and make life easier. In many ways, technology has become the easy button for life. Just as much as we often look for an easy button in our daily lives, companies sometimes need an easy button for business.

Founded in 1939, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company is a market leader in providing benefit solutions to customers. They pride themselves in excellence in communications, enrollments, service, and services that can help employers and employees. Colonial Life is a leading national provider of voluntary benefits to over 70,000 companies faced the challenge of a large volume of paperwork, modifying payment methods, altering billing frequencies, and other workflow issues. At Colonial Life, there was no easy button to prioritize work in their manual environment. That is, there was no easy button until Colonial Life turned to TIBCO.

Because of TIBCO, Colonial life is able to provide faster, more visible, more efficient, and more effective services that have greatly increased customer satisfaction. What the Internet, email, and television do for us in providing us real-time information when we need it, TIBCO does for Colonial Life. Insurers at the company faced problems with workflow because the policy service work was spread out across many different teams. There was a need to pull similar work together, consolidate teams, and make each team responsible for a specific type of work, and that is what TIBCO did. When a policy service request comes in, the documents are imaged and indexed appropriately. The work is automatically routed to the proper queue to be processed. Colonial Life now has visibility into the multiple steps required for completing an entire work item and service requests. Business processes could not be any easier with TIBCO.

Before TIBCO, Colonial Life was overloaded with hundreds of thousands of service requests that amounted to hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper. Now, the workflows automatically sent to the appropriate places. Performance can be monitored and management now has visibility it never had before. Colonial Life pushed the easy button and TIBCO responded in real-time.

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