Upgrading to Google-Like Speeds – UK Governmental Department Gets Real Time

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Google something. Chances are you can find the answers you want before you finish reading this sentence. In fact, have you ever noticed Google times itself to see how fast it can produce results? In only 0.11 seconds, Google produced over 5 million results from a search of TIBCO. In today’s world, everyone wants information fast. No one wants to wait hours, days or weeks to receive the information they are looking for. With the instantaneity of emails, the Internet, and TIBCO, the world is moving at a much quicker pace. The UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) knows this well, and refuses to let innovation zoom past.

DVLA is an executive agency of the UK Department for Transport that maintains registrations of drivers and vehicles. The UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency faces the challenge of handling large volumes of forms and transactions quickly, but there are exceptions. Exceptions relating to medical conditions are passed to the Drivers Medical Group (DMG). The DMG relied heavily on document imaging systems to deal with paperwork, but the system previously in place became outdated which limited the capability to share cases between departments. The DMG needed something new; the company needed help. Imagine running a Google search and having to wait for someone to deal with your inquiry by hand, and then deliver you the information in the mail.

Using TIBCO, management controls are provided through individual case monitoring with additional management information provided to evaluate efficiency and performance. TIBCO’s software tracks each case individually with automatic flagging when system parameters, like time, are exceeded or when rules or tasks are overlooked. TIBCO’s BPM suite has helped DVLA streamline the handling of registration cases by progressing each case along defined work paths and following predetermined parameters and rules. The BPM solution has helped increase case management productivity by 50%, improve customer service, and reduce support and training costs. With TIBCO, all their troubles became worries of the past.

TIBCO’s business process management software streamlines the handling of registrations. Also, TIBCO Staffware® Process Suite™ orchestrates the system and follows predetermined parameters and rules. TIBCO’s software provided DVLA with a sustainable and reliable platform for case management while decreasing support costs. Ultimately, the TIBCO solution enabled a single, coordinated view of the agency so cases can be easily passed between departments electronically. No longer does DVLA have to wait for the information they need. Google might deliver results in 0.11 seconds, but TIBCO promises real-time results.

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