TIBBR 4 – It’s all about you

Introducing tibbr 4 – It’s All About You! from tibbr on Vimeo.

We launched tibbr® 4 at TIBCO’s TUCON 2012 in Las Vegas, this week. With tibbr 4 our focus has primarily been around “you” the user and how we can enable you to get work done faster and drive business results.  Some of the exciting new enhancements for tibbr 4 include:

  • Social Profile: Allows an employee to present information from HR systems, public social networks like LinkedIn, as well as their achievements, interests and deliverables at work. This fosters collaboration and allows companies and people to find expertise within the organization.
  • tibbr Insights: Employees discover what’s happening around them. tibbr Insights rethinks social analytics and delivers a rich personal experience relevant to you that lets you discover affinities, connections, posts and work activities.
  • Enterprise Social Graph API:  This API toolset will allow developers to tap into enterprise activity and build applications that leverage the enterprise social graph: interactions across colleagues, partners, files, processes, events and activities.

Other new features include: a refreshed mobile experience that brings a faster, crisper interface for the user; and a subject timeline, which provides a quick way to classify and organize relevant conversations based on subjects.

It was an exciting week for us as we had some of our awesome customers, who flew from across the globe, talking about how tibbr has enabled them to create a more connected workforce.

With tibbr 4 we also launched the tibbr marketplace, which will allow companies to organize, manage, curate and distribute apps. Users will be able to discover and access apps, services and activity streams.

A big shout out to all our application partners who have been working with us for the past few months and utilizing the beta version of the Enterprise Social Graph APIs to tie their apps into tibbr and create a compelling experience from our users. BoxWayIn, Whodini, FileBoard,  BadgevilleManyWorlds,TeamlyBrightIdea, we really appreciate the feedback so far.

To continue reading, download our full report: How Enterprise Social Networking is Transforming Business