TUCON Can Help You Regain Your Cool – The Ultimate iPhone 5 Accessory

When you check out tomorrow, don’t throw away your keycard.  It can solve one of the world’s greatest problems… well, maybe not, but certainly a source of huge frustration.

The Problem

You get out your iPhone 5 to admiring and envious looks. You look cool and feel great. And then you get out your headphones, which have inexplicably tied themselves in a knot.  Not good.  You spend seconds, minutes untangling them. You are no longer cool. Just humdrum.

The Solution

TUCON can help you regain your cool in three very easy steps:

  1. Unravel your headphones (for the LAST time)
  2. Cut two slots in the top left hand corner in your TUCON Aria hotel keycard
  3. Wrap your headphones around the card


Now you will never need to waste valuable time un-knotting your headphones, with the added benefit of being reminded of the fantastic three days at TUCON with TIBCO.

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VP TIBCO, thinker, speaker, tech evangelist. Ian’s first book “Common Approach, Uncommon Results” explains what really makes a difference when driving business transformation programmes. Since then he has written 6 books. He is currently writing a book which helps companies implement social applications inside their organisations. He is a serial entrepreneur having founded and invested in technology start-ups and he sat on the Microsoft SaaS Partner Advisory Council. He was recently identified as one of the Top 50 Influencers in Case Management, and is a regular conference speaker who entertains and challenges his audiences. He is a competitive dinghy sailor and sailed in the 1984 Olympic squad, and still represents Great Britain at international level. Ian lives in the UK and in a 747.