The Benefits of Collaboration Software to Your Workflow

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the modern workplace, you are probably used to sending hundreds of emails back and forth throughout the workday.  E-mail has undoubtedly been a great replacement for snail mail and relentless phone tag.  But, e-mail isn’t perfect either.  How many times has an important conversation of yours been buried after the most recent flood of e-mails?  Or, have you ever received a single forwarded e-mail with pages and pages of previous e-mails in it, making the information you really need very difficult to find?

Fortunately, collaboration software, serves as an effective replacement for e-mail.  Once you get the hang of this new workplace tool, you’ll see how it effectively complements e-mail.  Some of the following ways a collaboration tool might replace e-mail at your workplace include:

  1. Streamlining conversations.  Let’s say you work on a team of five people, some of whom you have to contact multiple times per day.  Think about how many e-mails will have to be sent and how much back-and-forth there will be.  Now, consider what would happen if you had an enterprise social network in place.  Everyone could subscribe to one conversation, where all updates would be posted.  You would receive real-time notification of any new updates made in regard to the topic.
  2. Consolidation of information.  In conjunction with streamlined conversations, information regarding a particular workplace topic, such as a procedure, customer, or product test, is all kept in one area.  To stay updated on each, you subscribe to each separate subject.  This replaces e-mail in the respect that e-mail is very open-ended, and it’s easier to lose important information.  Your workflow is improved because you don’t have to request certain information a second time or dig through an overwhelmingly large inbox to locate what’s needed.
  3. Information is naturally organized better.  Some people have a difficult time keeping everything organized.  Instead of sorting through many e-mails, information naturally organizes itself by topic.  Nothing is lost or out of place.  The individual who struggles with organization will also receive real-time updates with collaboration software, ensuring they never miss a beat regarding each project of which they are a part.

Get Ready to Streamline Your Workplace’s Workflow

While collaboration software does require a little bit of learning up front, the benefits it provides in the long-run far outweigh some of the initial challenges you encounter early on.  Find out how collaboration software could benefit your business’s workflow.