Enterprise Social Improves Employee Motivation & Engagement – HR Tells All

Financial incentives aren’t the only way to retain employees and motivate them to work hard. If a company cares about retention, they will strive to provide a good company culture in which employees feel valued with the flexibility to contribute meaningful work regardless of their role.

Corporate culture is critical to driving engagement, recruitment and retention of a quality workforce.
Employees need to feel like they are a part of a community. Businesses must show that management is looking to solicit ideas and provide an environment in which people are comfortable providing feedback. If you are successful, employees work harder offering smart ideas as well as critical feedback for continuous improvement. If not, they bite their tongues, worry about constantly being “in trouble” until they leave.
Enterprise social fosters productive collaboration, rallying and employee engagement. tibbr is an enterprise social media tool, sort of like Facebook, but private and work focused. It’s all about contributing to the growth of the company and being a part of your work community. It allows people to feel like they are an important part of a vibrant community where the voice of every employee is equally heard.

Here are some of the key benefits I’ve noticed from tibbr on a day-to-day basis:

– In H.R we are able to engage employees and learn what’s important to them in regards to their careers and our culture

– Employees have a high level of visibility on the network, motivating them to work harder and post useful information
– Employees post questions to relevant subjects and receive useful insights from the crowd helping them solve problems in real time
– Employees receive positive feedback and recognition for their hard work in front of their peers, further increasing employee morale and motivation
– Employees feel like they have a voice which encourages them to be more productive and interested

– Plus, there are a number of exciting subjects, many posted by our executive leadership, that increase employee engagement and help us to better represent our brand.

Enough talking though. Try it!