A Look into the Future – Businesses with Enterprise Social Networks in 10 Years

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The technological world has brought about a number of amazing innovations, including enterprise social networking.  Sometimes it’s fascinating to consider what things might be like in the future.  What do you think the future may hold for an enterprise social network 10 years from now? How will businesses change?

Think about how the average person experienced technology a few decades ago. Nobody except Don Johnson or Tom Cruise had a cell phone.  Desktop computers were just beginning their proliferation as a common household item.  Not even every car back then was equipped with air conditioning!

What will businesses look like in 2022 with enterprise social networking?  Read some thoughts below:

  1. Internal email will fall by the wayside.  When examined from a long-term view, peak e-mail usage is occurring right now.  Your organization’s private social network will virtually eliminate the need for email in the future.  Everyone will communicate instantaneously.
  1. Video communication will explode.  Instead of attending a meeting with the CEO or receiving a mass internal e-mail, your organization’s leader will schedule a meeting or speech via video.  The thousands of employees at your organization will all see his face live on their computer monitors. Instead of coming over and talking to you, you will receive an alert your boss wants to communicate via video.  And, since your computer comes equipped with its own camera, your boss can also unexpectedly drop in to see what you are doing at any time of day.
  1. Virtual teams will rapidly grow.  Growth may be so extreme and companies will realize how much money is saved with employees working from home that almost no one will come into the office.  Since bandwidth will be exponentially more available than it is now, managers will use video communication to seamlessly work with teams from around the country.
  1. Apps will be available for just about everything.  Okay, so this one might actually come to fruition much earlier than 10 years from now.  Facebook is already loaded with just about every app you can imagine – wouldn’t you assume the same would happen with enterprise social media? What types of apps might be available?  Your entire organization may be automated for you, or nearly so.  How about an app that allows you to communicate with a personal robot assistant who brings you coffee?  Some people would probably prefer to have that one right now!

These are just some private social network trends that could happen in the future, and quite possibly sooner than 20 years.  But, why wait for the future of internal social media when you can try tibbr now?