Event Server as the 21st-Century App Server

Those interested in the latest use cases for CEP may want to read parts of the transcript for the TIBCO quarterly earnings call from last week.  TIBCO CEO Vivek Ranadivé commented on a few of them:

“I have spoken before as to how our event-driven software platform positions us at the convergence of the most significant technology forces of our time: big data, cloud, mobility, social networking and the shift to real time. … For example, … our real-time rules engine, which detects relevant patterns amid the stream of events; … But even more impressive than any of these individual pearls is the various powerful ways in which you can string them together…”

“The first such value pack is around what we refer to as trigger-based marketing or an event-driven approach to up-selling and cross-selling your existing customer base… It’s what we’re doing today for MGM Resorts.”

” … A second value pack is around operational efficiency.  Consider PJM, recently written up in Forbes magazine.  PJM is the supervisor and operator of the largest regional energy transmission authority, and manages 56,000 miles of high-power, long-distance lines.  In part by leveraging TIBCO technology, PJM is saving an estimated $2 billion per year and has freed up the electric capacity of a Keystone Pipeline. … “

“Third is managing risk and fraud, such as what we’re doing for the Department of Homeland Security or Con Ed and their smart grid.  What good is it to detect an intrusion after the data is lost or to detect a power outage after it’s already occurred? Using our event-driven platform, such problems can be a thing of the past.”

” … We’re seeing a shift where we are even seeing, actually, people starting to look at BusinessEvents as kind of the 21st-century app server, … So for moving data or for events, as we call them, you need an event server, and … we’re seeing very, very strong demand for that. But increasingly, we’re selling it in conjunction with the other pieces. …”

 The last comment is significant, as we are about to start work on a standards initiative for Event Server (initially at OMG using its Event Metamodel and Profile proposal) likely alongsidesome of the other significant players in the marketplace.