Enterprise 2.0 Social Networking, Lessons from a Juggler

Remember when we shared that ridiculous video “Leadership from a Dancing Guy?” Well, we came across another good one:

In this video, recorded at the Enterprise 2.0 summit in Paris, Juggler Fabian Seewald also drives home the message that it takes a leader and a first follower to have momentum in an enterprise social network. Furthermore, Fabian pinpoints why we need Enterprise 2.0 tools:

–          Easy to use, similar to tools we’re already familiar with

–          Breaks down the silos, so employees share knowledge across the organization

–          Transparency, so employees know what’s going on

It’s very similar to Andrew McAfee’s explanation of enterprise 2.0 technology: easy to use, does not impose any structure or rules on the users and serves as a community where people can come together and contribute content.
If anyone else knows a fun way to explain enterprise 2.0 social networking platforms, feel free to comment below or message us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/tibbr.