tibbr GEO: “Check-in” Enterprise style

With tibbr, our focus has been to “deliver the right information to the right person in the right context.”  Relevancy has been a key factor for our customers choosing tibbr and for the meaningful adoption we’re seeing across the board.

In conversations with our customers over the last 6 months, we’ve been hearing the words “Geo-location,” “Mobile” and “Social” increasingly. With the pervasive use of smart phones in the enterprise—63% of access to tibbr was via mobile phones last year—it’s evident that the additional dimension of “location” is going to be vital in providing the next level of relevant streams of information.

However, using location-based information effectively has its challenges. Not many users in the enterprise are keen on answering the question “Where are you?” and broadcasting their location.  What users really want to know is how to make use of the information associated with their location to work better. As a gate agent, how can I discover more about a gate as I approach it: the status of the flight, how the ground crew needs help, etc.? As an inventory clerk, how do I know the inventory stats of the products in the aisle close to me?

To be able to do this with tibbr, we had to turn the Consumer “check in” model on its head. Instead of broadcasting where you are, the location checks-in to you and tells you all the things that are relevant to you. tibbr GEO tags any subject with a geo-code and immediately you have transformed that subject into a data hub that provides for a rich stream of information. In addition to providing a map view of all relevant subjects near you, to spice things up we added an Augmented Reality view. All you have to do is point your smart phone and everything around you becomes a set of interactive post-its that you can click.